About The Boiling Spot

Order up a hot and delicious meal at The Boiling Spot in Plano, Texas. Our seafood restaurant in Plano serves fresh flavors of backyard southern cuisine.

About Us

You can’t fake quality. Here at The Boiling Spot, we go the extra mile to bring each of our customers the best seafood experience possible. The secret to our success is offering only the freshest and highest quality food available. By doing that, we are forced to hold ourselves to the highest standards for quality and service.

Quality and freshness have both been carved into our strategy and mission. Our dedication and commitment is to giving you, the customer, the very best during each visit.

Our Menu

Backed by years of experience, our chefs are masters at perfectly seasoning our food to give you flavors worth raving about to others. Our servers are committed to going above and beyond to ensure that you have the top dining experience possible.

Short, sweet and elegantly stated, our food is darn good, and you’ll enjoy every minute at our restaurant. For any slight possibility that you don’t, we are even more passionate about fixing whatever your problem might be. Our theory is simple – we’ll be good to you and you’ll be good to us.

Contact us at our seafood restaurant in Plano, Texas, for great food for any occasion. The Boiling Spot in Plano serves up a full menu of Cajun and creole favorites.