What to Expect at a Shrimp Boil

Shrimp Boil PlanoIf you like having a good time, you’re sure to enjoy a shrimp boil in Plano, TX. Great seafood is the main draw of this kind of get-together, but a shrimp boil also allows you to socialize with family and friends. The great thing about a private or public shrimp party is that you’ll typically find seafood prepared in different ways. In addition to boiled, many people offer baked, fried, and steamed shrimp. The different preparation techniques give guests a variety of ways to enjoy their favorite seafood. Most shrimp boils include a range of popular side dishes, such as coleslaw, French fries, and hushpuppies.

More than Shrimp

Don’t let its name fool you. A shrimp boil is a catchall term to describe any social event where shellfish is the main dish. As such, a crawfish boil is a gathering where crawfish is the primary food served, most likely along with shrimp. Even though preparation techniques vary, traditionalists prefer shrimp and crawfish boiled in a large pot with a mixture of seasonings, corn, white potatoes, and more. Whether they serve shrimp or crawfish at a boil, guests can expect to have a great time eating and socializing.

How to Cook Crab Legs in Plano

Crab Legs in Plano, TXYou know you love to eat crab legs in Plano at The Boiling Spot, but did you ever wonder how to cook them? It’s a good skill to have for when you’re craving a tasty seafood dish and can’t come and enjoy a meal with us. You’re in luck because we’re going to use this post to provide a few simple tips on cooking crab legs in your own kitchen.

Crabs have to be sold either live or cooked. If you buy the cooked ones, it’s pretty easy to “cook” them yourself. All you need to do in that case is heat them while retaining the flavor and juiciness.

One of the most popular methods for preparing crab legs is with a pressure cooker. Boil three or four clusters of legs for about four minutes and dig in. You might want to do this outside if you can, as the aroma of crabs is best enjoyed outdoors and not in your kitchen.

Steaming is also a hit with fans. Use a steam basket at the bottom of a large pot with a cup of water. Put the legs in, bring the water to a boil, and then close the lid tightly. Steam until they’re ready to eat.

Don’t forget about cooking them on the grill wrapped in foil. This takes up to 20 minutes for frozen legs and half that time for fresh ones. Now get cookin’ and enjoy!


Ways to Enjoy Blue Crab

Blue Crab in Plano, TXIf you love eating blue crab — let’s face it who doesn’t? The staff at The Boiling Spot has assembled this short post to highlight some of the many ways you can enjoy blue crab in Plano and elsewhere.

Probably the most popular way to make a succulent dish with the sweet meat of blue crabs is the good old-fashioned boil. Mix them with corn, potatoes, sausage, shrimp, and a zingy Cajun sauce, and you have a meal beyond belief.

Pan-fried crabs can’t be overlooked either. Cooking them in a spicy sauce really brings out the flavor and makes them a delicacy to remember. What about a dip? Blue crab makes a tremendous dip, especially when blended with some other types of seafood.

Crab cakes and cream of crab soup are some people’s favorites and should be tried at least once by the dedicated lover of all food from the sea.

Regardless of how you decide to eat blue crab in Plano, there’s one thing for certain; if you’re a rookie crab eater, you are going to enjoy a meal that is packed with flavor and will quickly jump to the top of your favorites list.

Preparing Fried Catfish

Catfish in Plano, TXWhen you want to get the most flavor out of your catfish, there’s no better way than frying it. Here at The Boiling Pots, we don’t just offer boiled fresh seafood we also fry it with our signature southern style. Our chefs fry up pickles, sizable shrimp baskets, and one of our customer favorites: the best fried catfish in Plano, TX. While we aren’t prepared to share our secret recipe, The Boiling Pots would like to share some of the basics of preparing fried catfish at home.

We recommend using fillets of catfish that are roughly five or six ounces. After preheating the oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll want to wrap a baking pan in foil and then place a rack in it. On a separate plate, you can now pour buttermilk over the fish fillets and then coat them in breading. For this breading, we recommend a mixture of flour, cornmeal, paprika, salt, and pepper. Now your catfish is ready to be fried!

Pour about an inch of oil into the skillet and then wait until the oil reaches 350 degrees Fahrenheit to lay however, many fillets will fit into the skillet for five or six minutes. If the skillet is not deep enough to submerge them, flip the fillets halfway through cooking, allowing three minutes on each side. Place the final product on the rack mentioned earlier. If you’re making more fried catfish, place the rack in the oven to keep the finished fillets warm!


Finding the Best Cajun Seafood Restaurants in Plano, TX

Cajun seafood is a satisfying meal option for any situation, but picking out the best places to buy it can be a challenge. You need something authentic, original, and available at a great value. Luckily, you can find a number of incredible Cajun seafood restaurants in Plano, TX. But how do you pick out the best ones for your eating experience? Check out a few tips from one of the most reliable names in the business:

Freshness Matters — Nothing in the cooking process makes up for fresh, vibrant ingredients. Especially in seafood restaurants, you should never settle or anything less than the highest standards for sourcing and quality. If you aren’t sure about a business’s ingredients, feel free to ask where they come from!

Service Shapes Your Experience — No matter how good the flavors are, a restaurant can’t complete its mission without friendly and attentive service. Effort always shows that a company cares for its customers, and that commitment should be apparent from the first moment you walk in.Cajun Seafood Restaurants in Plano, TX

Making a Mess Can Be a Good Thing — When it comes to Cajun cooking, a little rowdiness is usually a sign that a restaurant knows what it’s doing. If other customers can’t get excited about these flavors, then there’s a good chance you won’t either.

The Popular Types of Seafood We Offer

Do you love crab, shrimp, and catfish? If the answer is yes, you’ll want to come and sit down for dinner at The Boiling Spot. These are among some of the most popular types of seafood in Plano, TX that diners know they can enjoy at our restaurant to satisfy their cravings. seafood in Plano, TX

As befitting the name of our establishment, our boiled dishes are known throughout the region for the zesty blend of flavors and tastes they provide. You can opt for a boiled combo, for example, and feast on the riches of the sea delivered in a choice of spicy strengths from mild up to X-Hot for the adventurous diners in your party.

The combos are hits with our patrons because they range from the Colossal Combo, with king and snow crab, jumbo shrimp, sausage, clam, mussels, corn, and potatoes, to the Snow Crab and Shrimp Combo, Shrimp Combo, or Snow Crab Combo. With this variety, you are sure to be satisfied when you finish your meal, no matter how hungry you are.

And as you’re savoring some of our seafood in Plano, TX, we’ll forgive you if, for just a moment, you picture yourself sitting on the beach by a bubbling pot waiting for your meal, rather than dining with us.

What You Should Love About Seafood

Seafood in Plano, TXThere’s a lot to love about seafood in Plano, TX. It’s as simple as that.

Well, actually, it’s a bit more involved than that, and our staff here at The Boiling Spot has put together this blog post to expand upon the idea and introduce you to the wondrous world of delectable Cajun seafood. Read on to learn more about loving seafood dishes.

For starters, it’s a healthy meal option. This is a very good source of protein that contains less fat than other animal protein sources. Most seafood dishes are low in cholesterol and rich in vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin B, zinc, and potassium. These dishes also contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are known as the “good” fats.

Shellfish and other types of fish are known as “brain food.” That’s because it helps promote brain and heart health. Also, eating shellfish is known to help boost the immune system and aid in weight loss. Those are some of the main reasons to love the best of the sea from a health standpoint. Now let’s look at the other main reason: taste.